GO Kareem with CP3 and D'Antoni takeover

Anyone tried this combo? Just trying to get the slashing takeover so I can speedboost with this 7’2 beast. :laughing:

Some confirmation here:
white&blue kd / D’Antoni = Slashing&Rim
white Jordan 3s / D’Antoni = Slashing&Rim

Yup, he gets glass/rim

Oh no. That’s not what I want. Thanks anyway.

what about a 3 point shoe?

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Honestly I think it’s a great takeover for him. He doesn’t need post of slasher to be efficient on offense. And with glass and rim, he gets hot very quickly

For anyone with him, you should be trying to get post/slash… With a card like that would be beyond a god.

To be honest, I prefer giving him the stats I want instead of those takeover. With my CP3 he gets

84 SWB (89 when hot)
79 Contested 3
93 lateral quickness
75 ball control (80 when hot)

so, it looks looks like you need the +5 speed to get the slashing takeover

this diamond schoes give +5 speed:
jordan xxxi
adidas crazy explosive 2017
lillard 3
jordan 3
kd 10 white blue
kyrie 4 pe
curry 3


Kareem with dantoni and white kobe ad mids gives him POST and Rim/Paint Protector (shield icon)

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Following, anyone has confirmation of more combos

He can’t speed boost with any takeover when in takeover every attribute gets boosted by 10 if u have a shoe kareem has 75 plus 10 is 85 he can’t speed boost

i have dantoni and cp3
rim glass takeover

and i can speedboost in takover
dont know why

and can break ankles without takeover (at least get leaning animations and hands on the floor ankles)
but i can do the momentum dribbles and this stuff

edit: but not constantly
so… i dont know why

after some more tests, i dont know when and how i can speedboost with cp3
sometimes i can, sometimes i cant

is it maybe affected by a player with “floor general badge”, when this guy is in takover as well?

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Does a coach boost his bc +5 ? So it might be a 90 in takeover

No coach boosts ball control for centers

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When you get the chance can you tell me what your Kareem’s takeover is with a ruby coach?

No coach boosts a center bc

He can speedboost in slashing takeover. Ambish did a video on him.

Post/Rim, my man, same as dantoni.

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Awesome thanks! How’s he rebounding for you without glass takeover?

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