GO Kareem takeover thread

Seen a couple of threads about GO KAJ’s takeover so combining into one. Please post what you get with what shoe+coach if it hasn’t already been listed. Thanks

White+Blue KDs/D’Antoni - Slashing/Rim
White Jordan 3s/D’Antoni - Slashing/Rim (only shoe/coach combo with speedboost in takeover)
White Kobe AD/D’antoni - Post/Rim
White Kobe AD/Pop - Post/Rim
White Kobe AD/Ruby coach - Post/Rim
CP3X/D’Antoni - Glass/Rim


White Kobe/D’Antoni- Post/Rim AKA best big man TO in game.


Anybody running with Casey? I haven’t been on to check.

Good stat boosts from white kobe’s and fast building takeovers just using the card in the normal way.

Seems like an easy choice.

Pink Adidas + Dantoni = post/rim


Thank you for posting how to get Post take over. I slapped LeBron 15s on him before using him for the lat quick and acceleration boost.

Sucks to lose the shoes, but I want Post takeover Kareem not glass/rim.

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I swear seeing the post takeover get activated is the scariest sight in this game.

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Might wanna asterisk next to the white air jordan III’s that this shoe, in combination with dantoni, is the only way to get KAJ to speedboost while in takeover. Its slashing/rim takeover but this is the only shoe that has speed to get slashing AND the needed ball control to reach speedboost. Yes, its only 85 but vids show he can still boost.

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Whats his price on Xbox? I can afford him but not trying to spend over 400k

I cant decide between post or slasher when I pick this beast up


Hes around 700k, although i got him for ~600k at 4am est.

Post if youre going to play him like a traditional center, but slashing (and white jordan III + dantoni slashing takeover) if youre gonna use kareem to sauce people up at the top of the key in iso 5 out mode speedboosting to the hole while in takeover.

tbh I like to play both styles

If you’re a good dribbler, you can break ankles and get by your defender in iso with the Cp3 as well. At least I can. You don’t need speed boost if you have the right animations and know how to use them. And Kaj has good moves, he has the normal 4 size up, that’s the best size up for a standing step back to create space to just blow bow.

And by the way, cherry on top, he has the ultimate cheese pro 2 hesi

And another cherry with the normal 4 sizeup is the hesi escape he has with that. Creating Massive space

Was around 500K this morning. The price of Kareem will fall give it a week.

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its gonna crash hard next tuesday because he will be pulled in the next crop of throwbacks for a couple of hours.

Cowens went from 400k to 150

Yea I dont see any card holding big value for more than a week. Its just to many options available at this point and alternatives for cheaper.

D’Antoni and Cp3x :heart_eyes:

Ok ill check back up on it. Hes the only new player I need. The rest of my MT will go towards upgrading KG TMac etc to their Opals

I still can’t decide between slasher or post scorer. I feel like I don’t go into the post enough to really utilize it and slasher would be good a fast pace offense.