GO JR & Draymond Price Check

Anyone on PS4 able to tell me the prices of the new cards out today I’m not home right now thanks!

J.r 220k bids

Dray about 80k buy now

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Damn jr’s That much?? I wasn’t expecting that but thanks man!

new card juice bro he will drop

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Wait consistently at 200+? I’m gonna put the one I sniped up if that’s the case

this is ps4

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Put it up dude lol. I threw my up. It’s not even prime time yet and he’s pricey

Just put him up. I can’t believe he is going for 230+ on XB1 rn. Pple are on some shit

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All the ppl who got murdered by the PD


If u have millions of mt then fair enough, but if ppl paying that with their last bit of mt, now thats silly.

No way I’m paying 200k for a GO when every other one is BIN. Get down JR!

I can name 30 cards that are selling for less and are way better lol