GO Jamison mini-review

Just go get him. Seriously, some of you may know me as not too much of a base 11 enthusiast, but this guy made me a believer.

I played just a couple online games with him, so it’s far from a detailed review, but he went for 56 points in one of them (my opponent’s team scored 59) and he’s a one-man wrecking crew. Until now, not many mortals had the opportunity to test the combination of base 11 and HOF limitless and let me tell you, it is ridiculous.

Some of you may call me out for being cheesy and I’m OK with that. I’ve played legit basketball for the entire season and deserve to have some fun in the last couple months :slight_smile:

+ridiculously fast release with the ability to pull up from nearly half court paired with a 98 open shot three
+speed with and without the ball
+finishes strong at the rim

-can struggle on defense against bigger power forwards and centers playing the PF position

P.S. Takeover with Stevens and orange CP3 is sharp/rim protector


Good review. I’m the same way as far as base 11, I think id feel different if I played on a monitor but the timing is oddly…specific? The PD Jamison was mad inconsistent for me. But for some reason it all came together playing with this card.

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Where do you think his price settles at? The PD was great on O but he lacked too much on D. Hoping this new one is affordable

Would he be better at the 3? I can’t get myself to play someone like him at the 4 since I run into drob, Kareem, Shaq, etc at the 4 so often.

Is he better than KD?

He was going for 110 this morning, now back to 140. Hard to predict…

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Possibly. He’s got the speed and ball control to play the 3. The game where I scored 56 was against Kareem/Hakeem at PF.

If you want to compare these two and include value for money in the equation, I’d say so.

mt isn’t an issue, but with that release I may make the change

I wouldn’t says hes better than KD by any metric. Hes more of designated shooter where KD is an offensive carrier. KD is also great on D. That being said Jamison is super nice and in takeover unstoppable when running plays for him. My first game I dropped 37 with him off the bench.

Unless you cant do anything with KD no way I make that move. KD is just to versatile offensively.

The rest of my starters are Limited Jordan, Klay, Giannis and Shaq so I wouldn’t really be losing offense by doing that. I may make that move

I’ve heard that Jamison has same dribble and shot/fade/hopshot package as Arenas

If true, Jamison is significantly better

KD halfcourt dribbling is meh

Post hops are meh

He is good for catch and shoot and stepback jumpers

Read my review of Durant and then Arenas

Imagine Arenas at 6’9”

Yeah his hotshot is ridiculous, guaranteed open every time.

Another great game for Jamison- this time 63 points and 11 threes.

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How much is he going for on ps4?

A lot of mortals had fun with both PD and GO Hibachi.

Arenas’ jumper is like twice as fast tho lol

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Doing the momentum spin with jamison is so fun. Start around ft line then immediately twirl and speedboost all the way to behind 3pt range and even if they quickly close out on you, the base 11 means youll get it off uncontested. Same as arenas. Harden also has this momentum spin but his shot isnt as fast so the opponent has to be extra slow on closing out to get an uncontested off.

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I don’t even know what momentum spin is :grinning:

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