GO Jamal Crawford Thread [VIDEO]

Card is a Glitch, gets to the hole easily and literally has dropped every opponent I have used him against. Great release and actually pretty solid defense. Only downfall is his 70 steal but with good timing shouldn’t be a problem.

My Michigan team :drooling_face:
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Who ya got so far?

Everyone except him

If anyone pulls him please PM me

how much you guys think he’ll end up at?


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My team is complete :smiling_imp:

Is he a fun card?
I always liked Crawford. Him and Lou.

He feels like the 2k16 Diamond so yes

He may be fun, but the attributes are extremely low for an opal. It’s like someone at 2K said “Let’s juice Draymond to the point of absurdity, but Crawford needs to be realistic”.


Nah fr, he literally has no HOF defensive badges but Draymond has HOF LIMITLESS?!!