GO Iverson update

This card is the best thing that has ever happened to me in 2K.


I’d probably be telling myself the same thing if I misclicked and copped him like you.


JK bro congrats.


Once I get my 3000 tokens AI will be the first card I take!! Screw Petit man haha already have GO Malone and Blake

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I’m glad it happened that way because I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

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Hold up let me share this clip of him crushing one on Giannis.

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Let’s see it!

I lovvveee small guards now. P.S don’t listen to anyone who says Isiah isn’t a monster. Also Pettit has been torching. Iverson is my next pick hands down

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I guess it has to update first…but here is a pic.

There is the clip of it…it looks better in the video.


hell yeah. That’s what I love to see haha bringing small guards back. I’ve been running GO CP3 everyday since his release. So I’m loving this patch

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I’m going to upload the video of me accidentally picking Iverson.

I mean share it.

Small guards is cool again but I’m loving this GO giannis at the 1

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I 100 percent thought it was going to give me the “Are You Sure,” pop up box haha.


Like this…

I’m glad he’s fun!

Congrats again!!!

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How is he working for you in MTU?

Played two games…one at PG and one at SG in a Klay/Durant kind of role and he was really good. I scored 50 and I think 39 with him.

wow… two players on balling against each other :heart_eyes:


Pretty sure that dude was off balling, but onballed to prevent the limitless pull-up. Then went off ball.

Any chance if I share that link with 2K and the screenshot from the yes/no message they would gift me Worthy too?