GO Gilbert vs GO Harden

In your opinion who is the better option for running the one and for triple threat? Harden or Gilbert?


base 11

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hardens shot is ass

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Arenas. Harden plays nothing like rl this year

Harden has 10 times better dribble moves and his shot isn’t nearly a shot bad as people make it out to be
Way better driving too, his euro dunk is unstoppable even if your defenders right on you

What if you add GO Kobe into this mix? Better than both or in the middle

Do you trigger the euro while the defender is riding you by the hip? I try to time it but all my euros always end up heavily/lightly contested

If you hold down the right bumper immediately after triggering the euro, Harden will automatically just rise up and dunk it even if your opponent is riding you
But ya if you go for the layup it’ll probably be a contested layup

For some reason imo
Giannis MPJ Harden and Rose cards have been really easy to get euro dunks with no matter how closely i’m Being guarded unless they’re right in front of you

I’ve been cooking with Harden. That between the legs stepback leads to some sick spacing and blow byes. He’s a monster when you learn his animations. I didn’t know you could euro into a dunk :flushed:

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Dude once you start eurostepping into dunks you never go back it’s game changing

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Ya guys just trigger the euro and then Immiediately hit turbo in the middle of the animation
And if you accidentally get a cradle layup animation instead of a euro, you can still dunk out of that too

How do you do the between the leg stepback. Accidentally triggered it a couple of times

Tap Square (B on Xbox I think) and flick the left stick behind you at the same time. One side does a behind the leg step back, the other is a between the legs gather.

Remember TAP shoot, don’t press it.


Ahhh right. I’ll try the euro to dunk. Layups dont ever work against kaj

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Yeah with Harden you’ve gotta go hard. Weak shit will get stuffed at the rim

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