GO Giannis Price Speculation

What do you guys think a GO Giannis will go for with these cards becoming ridiculously expensive? I think 3 mil SF./PF, 5 mil+ if PG eligible.

Somewhere around 2.5 mill.

The later he comes out the less people will be willing to shell out a bunch of MT for him because the game’s life cycle is getting shorter and shorter every day.

And we know those end of year packs in July will tank everything anyways.


Could be a lock in reward. If auctionable I’m thinking 2-2.5 mil.

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True didn’t think about that. I just see each desirable “best in the game” card getting more and more expensive. Shaq, Bron, another Jordan that’s all 99 or something, Giannis, etc. But we will have to see when he comes around. Also what is around when he comes in. 2K is so cheesy this year we might get a GO Dino before him that is better.

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1.5 mil, will probably be pulled a lot

You think? I feel like he’s the best trap in the game. Probably will pull some of the most pack revenue off of his name. Didn’t seem like many people got Lebron and those packs were ripped like crazy.

True, but 2 mil seems crazy

Yeah maybe 2 mil is a bit too high of a prediction. We will see what’s going on when he comes around.

I just want an Opal Klay that can dribble super well. If Simmons can shoot then Klay should be able to dribble. Especially the endgame version.


Those packs will be ripped to shreds.

800k-1.5 Million

Whatever it takes. I’m scooping him up

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1.2 to 1.5 like shaq and lebron

They gon make him settle reward like 2K18 watch

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2 million

He’s probably gonna be the prime 3 reward


Y’all really think he’ll be THAT much better than the glitched one?

1.2 at the least. The days of top big name Opals being 300-600k are over thanks to our Chinese mt monopolies.

Opal Bron was like 3-4x the price of the glitched and is supposedly way better. I can’t afford Bron this year thanks to the now known AH manipulation and MT price fixing that happened this year.

1.5-1.75 if he’s auctionable. If he’s the Prime III reward, he will cost over 2mm to lock in.

I think Giannis will be prime 3 reward. Be sf/pf. They will probably release a pg/c one in packs too