GO Giannis Price atm?

anyone know a rough estimate on how much it costs to complete giannis at the moment?

Card count please

1250…im tryna know too

basically from scratch :slight_smile:

From scratch definitely close to 3.8 mill to 4… heat checks and throwbacks are expensive

From start. 5 milli minimum

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Less than limited Lebron…

Way more than that

If he buys the first card available , it will definitely be 5 mill

Yeah I am assuming OP is a patient man who looks for a good deal

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i got no heat checks locked have almost all of current. how much from there? from 1250

why bother I am sure they are coming out with that MVP version

Edit - will still be 3 to 4 mill coz you got no HC and throwbacks …

Too much, just get Limited Bron or GO MVP Giannis

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lebrons animations make my ass itch, its giannis or nothing

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I feel u. I’ll take PD AK over GO Bron all day

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shit ill take his diamond

cheers guys what about JR?

You could get to J.R. for pbly 2 mil or less

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I’m 119 away from Webber, with almost every HC locked, and full Current locked too. How many mt from here?

pause or nah