GO Giannis can’t have sharpshooter takeover? How if PD MVP version can?

Just in Carlos stream and saw that no matter the coach is GO Giannis can’t have sharpshooter takeover, so I am wondering what if the MVP version can make him have sharpshooter takeover it might be nasty tho.

that card dont need any takeover with 99 everything cept 95 3 pointer… run that thing naked and it will still own everyone online


How do you get the PD to have Sharpshooter takeover?

Edit idk what I was reading lol

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I mean if Giannis wins MVP and his new card can have sharpshooter

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He won’t be able to get sharpshooter. His athletic, playmaking, defensive, and slashing stats will be too high

Well he just hit back to back 3PT… it will be a problem for the whole NBA if becomes a ‘good’ shooter…

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If this is the best card in the game and it still can’t sharp takeover, how would a lesser version be able to get it?

Hell have like slasher/glass cleaner or something wild. Definitely won’t be sharp

Cause wouldnt be max out 99 stat everything

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Because others are all 99

Just like Oscar can get sharpshooter takeover because if you put 3 ball shoes on him his 3 ball is 94+5 which is better than his swb (96)

What happens if we get a 99 everything player like last years mj and lebron. What takeovers would they get? And also for this giannis, how do they decide which takeover to give if everything except shooting is 99? Lol

Yeah he wont get it every pther stat is 99. Hes a fucking beast he doesnt even need it.

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Yes GO Giannis is goated so I’m talking about future’s PD version :grinning:

he may but in all honesty he shouldn’t. Its Giannis the card is amazing and I would love to have him. But, in all fairness 2k doesnt keep cards realistic at all. Giannis with a 3 ball over 60 is ridiculous. I think it would be better if card were more true to form. Then the cards who are legitimately good in certain areas would be worth more, and people would want them more. Its fucked up that the PD Kobes and Lebron will be shit compared to what well get in 3 months. I get its a business but its blatantly obvious 2k is out to make money and thats it.

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Any other card he gets will not get sharp takeover, he will never have a three ball high enough over the dunking and other attributes he gets like rebounding and such

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I think that he’s more dangerous with post/slasher if that’s possible.

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Giannis shooting 41.5 percent from deep over his last 15 games. DO NOT DISRESPECT GIANNIS!

Anyone wanting sharp takeover on Giannis, even if it’s GO version, should be banned from using the card.

Slasher/sc is the best for him.

SC is far better than post on ballhandlers and it also boosts post fade.

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I believe whoever wins the mvp, he should be an Opal or Oscarlike hidden opal pd at least .That being said, they would release a mvp version without OP shooting or defense. No dimer, defensive stopper but 11-12 hof badges.