Go for Magic or No? Vote on Poll

Alright so I have a dilemma

I’m debating should I go for magic or not

I have about 50 spotlight games to go

MT isn’t a problem

My main question is do you guys think it’s worth the grind.




50 games. Mmmmmmaybe not, if I wasn’t completely caught up I wouldn’t do it. That said if you don’t wanna play mtu try it out

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That triple double with IT kinda just turned me off smh

I’m not sure how you play he’s not gonna be good in 5 out cause your just stick Bowen on him n go wait in the paint for him to come to you. But if you like post n playmaking with your PG y not he will be the biggest PG for a while


Its on rookie, steals shouldn’t be that hard

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Iight bet ima just do it and say fuck it lol

Magic is magic will be nice change of pace for my second unit


Omg they actually have a triple double challenge when I was trolling it?

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Lol yea but like Berto said it’s on rookie so you can just do 10 steals


If it’s on rookie it might be hard to keep the game close if it needs to go to OT

If you haven’t started, I wouldn’t do it rn. Magic is a little underwhelming and some of the challenges are straight boo boo. 50 games is a long way to go

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I mean, besides a few of the games you really have to cheese, it’s a good place to work on Evo cards and make a little MT. You can sell back any of the cards you don’t wanna keep and probably only lose 10% or so.

I guess it depends on how much single player you play or want to play. I personally haven’t been having much fun online, but do enjoy grinding Evos and Magic is one of my fave players of all time, so I will be going for him.

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This game broken enough to let you use PD it. Ima try it

As every year
There will be an upgraded magic in packs soon, in some weeks.
First comes a Oscar
And after that another magic

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Say no more. I got you.


No Clamps, Intimidator or Pick Pocket.


True but I’d just switch Bowen onto the guard and Magic on the small forward or weakest person he’d be on the bench anyway

Vote on poll my guys


I don’t think it’s worth it. Money beats time in this game every time. There will be a better Magic before long. If you have a job just take what you make in two hours and buy MT instead of playing for several hours.

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Only worth it if you’ve been keeping up with them. If you haven’t, it’s not worth the time. We’re bound to get something better in a promo or Prime/ Legacy packs that you can just grab off the AH.

I’m already all caught up, and after this I’m cashing out, so I’m going to at least grab Magic and call it a day.

Its a tight race


Do it. Free cards (I know time is money) and it’s a nice change up because the game’s getting boring imo