Go for KG or get Playoff Lebron and replace Shawn Kemp?

This is what I’m running and was thinking of going for PD KG or not locking in Mt and replace Kemp and Nate. Maybe lock in Hakeem to have on the bench and get playoff Lebron. Would be going for KG be better or go for Hakeem and get Playoff Lebron?

I would only recommend locking Hakeem if you plan on locking anyone. Also you can make an argument for starting Hakeem and benching Admiral.

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Having played 1 game with the admiral and he dropped 2 and went 2/2 from 3 I wouldn’t be mind his scoring and defense on the bench and he’d be doing more than nate.

Admiral over Nate is a no-brainer

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That Admiral is a monster.
Way better than Nate.

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Bro you could sell this team for like $1,000.

Was looking at the new kd was thinking I could sell my kd get the new one and pocket 300k. Or would it benefit it my team more if I got Hakeem to replace nate.

KG is a god for me. Literally swats everything

I love KG but i dont believe in locking sets because theres comparable players for far less. I like KG more at C where his slow ass jumper isnt needed as much.

So no to completing the set for Hakeem?

I hate my Hakeem. He’s a straight up BUM.

How come?

Teams worth about 4M MT so your right on the money with 1K

Hakeem is better for me than kareem,he averages 14-17reb and 3-5blcks per game

If u have the MT you should just buy diamond Kareem with a 3 point shoe.

Can’t rebound, can’t finish, can’t catch the ball. I loved Kareem though. Maybe my Hakeem is just broken. I had to kick him off the team cause I was raging at him.

This is so false unless your playing offline on rookie.

Saying the truth man

Hakeem is the better option. One of those players that animations truly stand out.

U average 15 RPG with the man online?