GO evo'd Simmons Vs PD Glitched Giannis Vs GO Magic

I’m sure this thread exists already but I couldn’t find it. Which one do you guys prefer? I have enough for one of them. Looking to pick one up.

Mark me down for Ben. Unmatched versatility on both ends of the court

Magic = Giannis > Ben

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50:50 :grin:

I wanted giannis originally but I’m starting to go towards ben because I feel like this is the final version of ben we will get. Once GO giannis drops, PD will drop in value so.

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Giannis is best defender out 3 and decent dribbler, but his release is kinda okay ish at best not a whole lot of hof shooting badges either
Simmons has good combination of height and shooting (best shooter out of 3) but has worst dribbles
Magic has by far best dribble moves, but his 3 point shot is kinda funky for a lot of people

There is no clear cut winner all of them got advantages and disadvantages, pick one depending on your style.

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I’m a big fan of LeCramp. I really love his finishing animations and dunk package.

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Yeah Opal Giannis will probably be better than Ben with the added badging but the way the 3 are right now Ben is the best imo but it’s not like its by a whole lot. Of the 3 Magic is the best dribbler. Giannis is the best attacker. Ben is the most well rounded

Is ben’s dribble animation bad? Or still decent? I noticed simmons and giannis doesnt have tight handles.

Nah they’re decent. Just not super tight. He has an extremely cheesy running between the legs though that never gets ripped and can get you straight to the basket

Ben all day. He can play the 1 and the 4

I have been enjoying Simmons at point with a 3 point shoe … don’t even have the evo one (at 200/500 threes) … I’m assuming the evo makes huge difference

The evo completely unlocks the card

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Should I sell mine and just buy the evo, or grind it out 300 more threes

How much should I pay for simmons? And giannis? They seem like the same price right now. I’m guna try to pick up simmons if they are. I just bid 600k on him lol.

Bens dribbling is better on the fast break full court, not as great in half court offense.

I noticed simmons has no hot zones in the 3 point line. Does evo change that? Giannis and magic have some hot zones around the 3.

I sold my evo Ben but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have hot zones behind the line. As weird as it is I felt like he made more super deep 3s than he would right behind the line.

Is Giannis’ defense noticeably better than magic and simmons? Defense is super important to me so. If that’s the case I’m probably going to get giannis. I know giannis is always cheesy as fuck with his animations and body type.

Why’d you sell him? Who did u end up picking up for him?

I need someone who can carry my kinda budget team. I had oscar originally but he wasnt good enough to carry my cheap squad to 12-0. I only had around 800k to mess around with.