GO D-Rob or DM KG at the 4?

Which is better?tryna decide on a backup 4 for my squad i have radio giannis and kareem as my starting front court and wilt as my backup 5. ive been running d rob at the 4 but for some reason this man cannot rebound for shit and im thinkin of pickin up KG for him instead. Anyone can give me some advice or have you guys any experience which card would be better ?

Ok so I’ve ran both of these cards before, and I think KG works best at the 4 with DRob at the 5.

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Imma probably replace d rob wit kg tbh cos lately this big ass mf been getting outrebounded all the time

Yes, DRob somehow cant outrebound shooting guards… its pathetic tbh…

KG on the other hand snags alot of boards

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I knew something wrong wit this card i thought it was just me