GO cp3, pd mj, diamond pippen, diamond artis gilmore


Pippen best card of the group lol



ak47 still better haha what a joke 2k is

MJ and pip could get a duo if 2k isnt lazy.

Yup cp3 is a copy and paste from last years diamond meaning Blake will probably be a copy and paste of last years pd Supermax reward it’s been real guys



Honestly going after pip first

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That cp3 has a higher blocl rating than pippen…obvious height difference but still


HOw would pippen at the 2 work for now? I really think we get dr j next month he’ll be my 2 when he drops but for now would pip work? Played him everywhere but center last year LOVED him

Not playin MTU anymore. Can’t tolerate Pippens at PG wit 95 open 3

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98 mj had 83 3 pointer last year and 2k bumped it to a 90 within hours, could happen again


Two things to note here.

  1. Pippen has great animations his post fade was effective on the ruby so I will be adding kobe ad to upgrade post fade and steal and 3 point or the pink adidas since his 3 pointer is already great plus coach

  2. It looks like they gave MJ 7 hof badges compared to 6 of all other pds. And also both Artist and Pippen have one each. With this being said Series 2 of anniversary’s are gonna be lit.


How long are the packs up for?

24 hours

Just kidding fam :wink:

What packs

Bruuuuuhhhh ROSE

It’s jordangate!!!

Jordan for you… Jordan for you… Jordan for you

No Jordan for element lol

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I can see Pippen staying above 200k for a long time

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I have 400 for Pippen

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