GO bird price check/ predictions?

Not home and wanted a price check. Do you think it will drop after the promo on Friday?

The first ones still haven’t ended but both are in the 500s for the first and 350-450 for the first wave after.

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Just buy a Anni for 100k.

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He and Magic both look like sub-300K cards

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I packed him. What shoe we putting on him?

300k or less tonight possibly. Lower than that when the Promo comes this week.

400k on ps4 currently. I would expect at last a 25% drop in the next 12 hours.

y are they so cheap lol end game cards for 250-300k??

Too many other GO options already at PG and SF.

I was expecting 500k each but I’ll take them for 300k lol. Think I have enough for my planned end game team with the MT I currently have.

How is the Opal price right now on xbox? Will leave early if < 400 :slight_smile:

I left home about 45 min ago and Bird was ending below 400. Magic was just above I think.

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Still trying to get one under 400k. People want this card.

He’s ending around 420K on Xbone

I only got 397 for mine but it is what it is. Ended about ~30 minutes ago maybe

Secured the bag for 390k.

Endgame TTO PG.

I dont think they will make my team. magic cant dethrone benny and bird cannot replace pg13

Less than 300K IMO

Will Bird go down on Friday you think guys ?