GO bird or Melo?

I have bird but choosing if I should swap him with melo?

I personally dont like Melo, i cant green with him, and he misses so many open 3s feels like he has that steady shooter hidden lol…might just be me not figuring the shot …

That’s what I’ve heard ! he seems good but don’t know if he is 100k mt better

Melo is pretty smooth…all the cards are juiced. Depends on your playstyle and who you like.

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this Melo is easier to green than other years for me.

but ill still take Bird over him


Melo is smooth on offense from the post out to half court. Can get 99 speed/99 SWB/94 strength and he’s a menace


You could potentially get Towns with Melo though.

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yea i was just looking at them in isolation. i think the price different makes up for Bird not being part of a set, especially with another 600k+ left after Melo for KAT.

Durant :cold_face:

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At the 3 Durant is best choice but quite expensive , bird is not very athletic but more versatile compare to Meloman … Kirilenko looks pretty solid too but maybe more a 4

Besides Ak I think bird is better at the pf if he was more athletic then running him at the 3 would work

I wish they kept Melo jumper from last year.


This one is pretty nice without the steady shooter.


Bird is the three point champ. Personally I’ve been able to onball lock/guard Melo/Bird/Durant/Kirilenko with ASG Kawhi. Dude is an absolute demon on defense and offense.

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I have asg kawhi and you’re right he can guard 1-4 sometimes 5

Just got Bird…KD’s shot is really inconsistent when it comes to greens for me. Sold me out one time too many

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