GO Bill Russell

Man, what a fun card. Nothing is better than seeing someone with Giannis and point guard and throwing him at the 1. He is what Ben Simmons was supposed to be.
Everyone should try him at the one for a game or 2.


He is the point guard of my 5 bigs squad.
However its too cheesy to play online so i could only run the team against my friend

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I keep him just for ppl running bigs at the 1.

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Just picked him up. Put a gold BC & SWB shoe on him. Added Ankle Breaker, Lob City Passer, and PNR Maestro.

Let’s see how this goes

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I put cp3s on him. It’s ridiculous

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He’s one of just a few players 6’10” or over that has true guard dribbling animations

Point GOD

And a beast finisher

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Benq bro. Bill is one of my favorite cards this SZN

I love B Russ
Yanis stopper

Thru 29 games he’s shooting .678 fg% and .652%.

His release didn’t take long to get down and I’m getting better with it.

Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

this card needs a better post fade to be comp

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Yeah I don’t try it unless i got mismatch but even then I’ma just backdown n drop step…

Fuck a postfade tho. Bailout. I feel u tho

If you got a slow ass jumper might as well give a smooth post fade -_-

It’s more like a paintfade

a good post fade is essential to be a truly good iso card…sometimes dribbles get clamped

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Maybe yeah…a true iso card might need it but

Bill got game

If everyone talked down to/berated everyone who has a different playstyle, 2kgamer would not be the awesome site it is

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I run him at the 4