GO Ben Simmons thread

Who’s locking in him??? He’s gonna be 6’10 Giannis I think :thinking:

Lmao Depends on the Stats
I’ll watch htb gaming gameplay first

Me lol. If i could go home though. Freaking g20

I will not be. He’s only pretty good irl

Lmao damn can we get the stats first

This ain’t Magic wtf…

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Want to see the stats. Depending on that I will get him or not

Yea but he is taller, faster, better slasher and knowing 2K, they are going to make him an excellent shooter

MTDB is crashed as usual lol

His 3 ball is gonna be a 75

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At least the others cards doesn’t have that Giannis animations treatment , but should be amazing card with a lot of D

And a 3ball.:neutral_face:

Depending on his attributes this could be my new PG. Simmons at the one and Giannis at the 5 will be hellacious bookends. Lol


Ben stats


88 open 3
86 off dribble
87 contested


what a fckn joke
dude not a bad shooter, he literally doesnt even shoot


oh no its 2k18 all over again, next patch we fix the bug where you cant blow by everyone

jesus christ this card nastyyyyyyyy

We need to see his sigs though