GO Amare Shoe?

As the title says, what shoe is most finding to be the best fit for Amare? Can’t seem to find any topics relating tot his yet:)

Been searching myself.

The best shoes appear to be +3 Speed with ball and +3 Ball handle.

air jordan XXXI - +3 ball +3 Dunk +3 Spd/Ball
reebok queston

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My math is simple, if the player has over 91 3pt rating (91 + 4 from coach + 4 from HoF FG) - it’s Puma shoes.

If it’s lower I go with Green Kobes or Fear of God with 3pt rating.

Puma shoes gives boost to:

Perimeter def
Interior def
Pass perception


spent some time looking at the Google Shoe Spreadsheet and decided to go with the Fear Of God Black.

I went with the Reebok’s. Gotta have that swb


was looking at his stats and an increase in his steal, ball handle and 3 point wouldn’t hurt IMO

True. I don’t need 3, cuz of my coach. I was mostly concerned about swb and pass perception. But I like the ball control and per def too…

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Hof floor general boosts every stat right?

@osvaldo_rezende Offensive stats only

He has 92 3pt rating, with coach it’s 96 and HoF Floor General adds 4 more, so it’s 99.

3pt shoe gives you absolutely no boost.

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If you have a 3pt shoe boost with your coach the answer is the Question

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Got you…i guess speed and D are the best shoes for most players

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He noticeably moves quicker and dribbles quicker with a ball handle and SWB shoe. I put Lillards on mine but strongly considered the Reebok’s too.