GO Allen Iverson Thread

Video courtesy of “KnifeYoureIt”. Looks to be an upstart YouTuber.

Unfortunately, I had to mute him a couple minutes in, but I did see a few things:

  • GO A.I. seems to have a plus-wingspan. Will need to double-check if the PD does.
  • Animations are decent, and the guy’s a pretty good dribbler.
  • Shot percentages still left something to be desired, and he didn’t really show what A.I. could do (or not do) on defense.

My Heart says AI, but my Brain says Bob.


Do you have Worthy and Wilt already?

I have none of the above, but I don’t think I’m going with Wilt at this point. Don’t need to go super-high in tier for my defender. Do you know if Worthy can get lockdown?

I’m not sure…maybe with Pop. He does have HoF defensive stopper.

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Thx for the link (I bumped it!).

Side: Petition for 2K to add 3-pt plays to The Answer.


That would be awesome to get 3pt plays but I don’t think he will since that wasn’t really his game

This guy sounds just like Carlo. Even has the lebron jerseys in the back.

It’s legitimately difficult to win offline TTO games with PD Iverson lol I can’t do it, just can’t :frowning:

So, I did it.

GO Iverson takeovers:

Shoe: Red Melo

  • Casey: Playmaker/Sharp
  • Pop: Lock/Shot
  • D’Antoni: Playmaker/Shot
  • Kerr: Playmaker/Shot
  • Ruby: Playmaker/Shot

Shoe: White/Blue KD

  • Kerr: Playmaker/Sharp
  • Pop: Lock/Shot
  • Casey: Playmaker/Sharp
  • D’Antoni: Playmaker/Sharp
  • Ruby: Playmaker/Sharp