Glitchy Releases

So for me, what makes the best cards the best is their release. Danny granger, J.R and Tmac are the best shooters because of this IMO. Any other cards this year have that juice like cowens, petit etc. had last year?



PD Wade best release in the game hands down and it ain’t close imo. (TP is close actually)

Any inch of space and its a Wide Open release. You can break out of almost all his animations and green immediately with little to no room.

Off hesi, off step backs, behind screens, off his running btb, side steps, half spins lol off his in and out he just has it all.

I freestyle with him every day for 20 minutes just shooting out of his animations and find something new he can shoot out of. Really fun card.

I’m not getting the Opal so this Wade will be on my team for months.


Tmac/roy, wade and lavine

It’s jokic. Glitchy af. I can’t even save my life to green it.

Hibachi is cash money

Just played with an old card that I forgot was awesome … Nick Anderson. Good release there too

First off do you shoot with the meter on or off??

My meter off guys!!

Antoine walker pd greens everything.

Kevin Martin diamond evo can green from limitless without any form of the range extender badge. Weird I know!!

Jeremy lin 2nd diamond and up huge green window.

Dion waiters greened 13 3’s for me in unlimited game this morning.

Derozan is tmac with Hot zone hunter badge. Same player model, release animations everything.

Moses Malone PD 12-0 reward has a hella glitchy release.

Opal Tony Parker.

Furkan Korkmaz bro it’s weird as shit, but he makes stupid deep 3’s with it.

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Millsap and LaVine both green machines for me.

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Milsaps top 5 card in myteam if they didn’t remove the behind the back.

I forgot about dwade.

If you like dwade, and shoot with meter off, any hof quick draw release is worth trying out.

I hit x and the shots just go in! Haha

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