Glitched Tmac advice

Bought him for 150k last night. Do you guys think his price will drop considerably when the Goat version is released ( if so what price will he drop to and price predictions on the Goat) or should I just hold onto him? Honestly I prefer running him at PG but if the Goat is cheaper than 150k I might just buy for the better tendencies l.

GOAT won’t be cheaper than 150k, lol. Even now with the GOAT crash, the cheapest one is Wilt at around 350-400k.

GOAT won’t be cheap.

Glitched TMAC is still basically a GOAT card.

If those goat packs are guaranteed, they don’t even have to be mt (which probably won’t be because superpacks are always vc only) it’s over, nothing will be over 400-500k except the point guards lebron and giannis

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Could be, though i dunno how many people will be opening packs with VC. It’s August, in 2 weeks 2k21 demo comes out.

So, there’s a scenario that people have a ton of MT and no way to open these packs and also not many people opening superpacks (coz they will be VC only). It could actually raise prices, lol

Look at the leap year, Tmac cards are still expensive and the glitched/ evod is a beast. The goat is sg/sf so the glitched will keep his price.

But for the people who have vc and will open a ton of packs just to get for example pg giannis, everything else they pull in probably 2-3 boxes, goes to the auction house and that leads to way higher supply. I was the first person that was saying the market will recover every time it crashed this year, but this time it’s really over

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That’s what i say, i don’t think many people carry that much VC anymore. We’ll see i guess.

I bought glitched Tmac for 699k about 2 months ago. He had a diamond contract and Travis Scott J’s. Bought him in the middle of the night like 430a eastern he was going for around 900k so I felt like I stole him. I did his evo and he’s be running my squad ever since. He’s amazing. I couldn’t imagine the goat card being that much better. I guess he’ll have juiced tendencies but I only play offline so that doesn’t really matter to me. Sorry for the long winded answer but even tho I’ve already lost prolly 500k+ of MT value I wouldnt sell the guy. One of my favorite players irl I like him being able to play PG/SG better also.

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True, I just bought because he’s one of my favourite players and I’ve wanted him on the squad for ages. I highly doubt the opal will be under 300k, as T mac is a fan favourite and also 2K always have a card up their sleeve, so it is likely that these packs will be VC only with horrible odds at anything other than bins of the set. The extra mt probably isn’t worth it to upgrade to the Goat and also I doubt he’ll loose more than 50k of value of the 150k I paid for him.

I bought him for 1.2 mil and sold him for 220 yesterday. :sleepy:

Damn tmac is gone from the squad :frowning: what the lineup looking like now? We running tonight maybe?

Locked vince, so Tmac had to go sadly. Will get Oscar Robertson Goat tonight, so better to sell him now.

Sure i’m on around 10 at night

How you like ad? Our play time is from 3 to 5 am :joy: