Glitched Reality and Full Throttle Super Packs


This does not deserve a thread

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Also this

More money grab packs. I didnt see pg Giannis in them .


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No PG Giannis or PG Bron in Full Throttle.

Finally a chance at seeing some Inv KG, Inv TD, and Inv Kobe in market at least

Good , dont need his price to tank.:grin::+1:

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No new agendas either

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Look up

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S9 looking pretty terrible rn, on S6 levels

S7 and S8 >>>>>>>

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Agreed. Tuesday was only good drop. Friday drop was :wastebasket: and I don’t think we see NEXT promo tomorrow either. If it’s that or FF2, I’m happy. Otherwise, fuck you 2K

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I think NEXT drop next friday , the day after the Draft.
I just hope that they will actually be for players that were just drafted and not for guys who were recently drafted in the last year or two.

naw they ain’t even done, they gonna put one will rise, nxt is now, and seson of giving super packs. it’ll be straight :fire:
@mattpoz fr nuce wii, u still play?

Probably get Invincible Zion with the draft set

This was actually from yesterday, I don’t think anyone noticed and/or cared

Awesome content… super packs until 2k22

I must be missing something. Why would anyone pay full price vc only for outdated cards from 2 seasons ago? Unless maybe a guaranteed DM in every pack.

Maybe this is a social experiment to see how many of their customers are truly pack addicted and will buy anything.

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Yes - 2K is constantly learning how far its users will go

Case in point - people played 1000+ games for Danny Ferry. They know how obsessed we are and will find ways to use that to their advantage

Whoever buys these old packs needs the “Homey D. Clown” treatment by Damon Wayans.

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