Glitched JR or PD Wade

Any thoughts? I have Magic at point and looking for a backup point guard / clutch three point shooter

Gotta go with the new card juice.


depends what you want from your players, wade is skillful. JR is what his meant to be, Cheese. Dunks on everyone, hit 35 footers off the inbound. Lots of fumbles

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As a user of both cards in my lineup, edge to Wade. Wade is my starting PG and JR my bench PG


Pd wade

whats glitch jr going for ps4 atm? sorry away for a few days, just curious. thx

Around 200-250

I think either wade or JR could be a good investment depending on if you think there is gonna be that glitched set

the new card for sure. wade release might be the fastest one so far. you can caught people off guard even with a tiny space.

My JR sold for 178k with Contract and Harden shoe, base ones sold for 250k lmao

Does the lack of dimer badge on Wade not matter much?

Most likely not bro , at this point dudes have over 80 open 3 , dimer only really affects peeps with 70 open 3. There’s no real boost to ppl with high threee already

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Wade easy.

I feel like Thanos with this card. He can get shots and create shots that other cards just can’t.

Man i wanna try this wade bad. I love dwade cards i ran his pd last year in my final lineup off the bench. But i dont wanna get rid of jimmy buckets or lance. So hmmmm

I have both and Jr keeps the defense guessing with wade he pretty much is a slasher and Jr spreads the offense and he seems better at the defense end I’m guessing because of his size

I haven’t tried the wade but Jr is a wet green machine for me. I run Penny/JR and don’t rly want to put wade at 2. Didn’t make the swap for wade over Jr off bench.

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I use J.R. And he won’t be leaving any time soon. He’s a green machine like @Bubba said. He even hits it when it isn’t green. He’s a rare breed.


he pretty much is a slasher.


Not with his cheesy release and badges. Hes the deadliest sniper in the game he can barely be contested when used right. I have to remind myself that he can dunk he’s too dangerous from 3.


Wade is far more than a slasher. If you get the step in and snatch back timing right he gets a sliver of daylight and can knock down from DEEP, and because his shot is so fast it’s really tough to contest. Then once your opponent realizes he has to play tight on Wade, then you can turbo around him and yam. He’s out here taking souls for me.

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JR is a SG.
Wade is a PG.

Idk how can anyone use JR at PG without handles4days or unpluckable.
But he’s the best shooter in the game for me.

it doesnt matter will get destroyed vs magic