Glitched glaxay opal shaq

So I’m n a dilemma and I need some help I got 376 thousand VC 815000 Mt should I just buy Shaq is he worth it the 815 Mt or should I try and rip some more packs boxes

Buy MT.

No point gambling. Just buy the Shaq.

If you know you want him just buy him. Rip with the VC not the MT

rip packs with all your VC , you’ll get him probably. If you don’t with VC, spend all the MT on it too

I’m joking , never open packs. Just buy him with MT

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Buy the shaq. More than likely you will exhaust the mt and have nothing to show for it

Nah dont spend your mt just use your vc that all you can do with is buy packs anyway

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I don’t know if the pack gods was listening but i ripped packs with about 60k vc nothing then ripped 4 singles with mt on GOD i just pulled galaxy opal shaq





Yeaaah budddy me and you got that shit cheap today good shit bro :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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For sure i seen the Andrew Wiggins come I couldn’t stop I knew I had to keep going

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Congrats man! To anyone else reading, do not do this. 99% of the time it will only end in sadness.


Yeah same exact shit here i even made the video wiggins then next pack shaq

For sure im just getting him now after i have already blew thru about 1mill vc and over 5oo Mt i had too finally get him

His shoot is funky tho it’s gonna be hard to get this one down

You spent a mil VC already for him?

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Lol yea i bought two those $74 dollar vc packs and then had a lil bit vc

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Oof glad you got him then

Lol i like ripping packs sometimes it gets addicting…and expensive

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