Glitched Flash packs tomorrow. Mutombo, Kawhi and D Rose

Howard has way more stamina, put a juiced diamond shoe on him and with Doc Rivers as coach, have 96 rebounding which is better than shaq

in that case you’re 100% right lol i apologize!

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What would u have wanted

I’m liking Darius’s shot…

Not good? Anyone use that Ruby Worthy looks pretty solid



not what we got, but i’m not mad. it’s not my choice. i can make due with what we got. i’m definitely not looking forward to playing against drose and DM, but the cheap guys look fun too.

it’s hard to say what i’d want, i think there’s positives and negatives to each drop. definitely to early for this tho.

Last pack magic (well, Rose)

I’d rather have pulled Mutombo, but at least now I’ll have enough MT.


Nice pull! I almost bought VC for these packs, but decided to be NMS for another week. Lol. Baby steps…


Anyone sex with Mutombo yet?

Is his shot even decent? I would hope that they blunt the rating and the badging by giving him a slow, shitty shot form.

At least he didn’t come with Deadeye and Blinders, but I guess they can be added?

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It’s a decent release, and you can learn it, but it has a weird timing. I wanna call it a hitch, but that usually refers to something different. It’s not fast, and the ‘weirdness’ of it makes you want to release it pretty early. It’s not as slow as someone like Markkanen, but it’s not a smooth feeling either.
I think the important thing is that it’s serviceable, and the high stats/badges/zones make it consistent once you get used to it… and comes with a Shaq-like player on defense/in the post.


I’m in the market now just waiting for the right one to finish, give me about 15-20 min and WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO :astonished:

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James Worthy a budget beast also can hit the 3

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I have a HOF Fade Ace badge and I love Mutombo’s fade . . . I’d be dumb not to put it on him, right? :thinking:

Maybe not dumb to not put it on him, but dumb to do what I always have done, which is never put premium shit like that because I’m always waiting for a better card, and then end the cycle with a strong inventory of primo shoes, badges, DI contracts, etc.


I threw it on him, because nearly anybody worthwhile will have it by the time I want to use it again. Carpe diem!

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I have HoF stop & pop and HoF Blinders and it’s taking all of my willpower not to put them on Granger.

Peja can really dunk


Got Mutombo for 160k lol. He is not so easy to shoot, obviously it’s gonna get some time to get use to his release. Ltd is a good testground this week. It’s similar to last year’s Shaq release just a bit less stutter than that. @HarryLundt

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That would not be a waste if you are on unlimited streets often. A d shoe to boost his speed, strength, 3p is a must imo.

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