Glitched Flash packs tomorrow. Mutombo, Kawhi and D Rose

Kawhi coming tomorrow - at normal time by the looks of it

What it do babyyy
Although I don’t like his decision to leave Toronto for LA I respect him. However I don’t think he will be there too much longer lmao


DRose announced too

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His season 2(?) level 40 card was so good last year

Season 4 i think

GO Kawhi? that was like season 4 around Jan/Feb


Whole year was a blur for me :man_shrugging:t3: Can’t remember shit haha

yep here we go… shooting dikembe already

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This isn’t a big deal to me. Mutombo will probably be ruby or sapphire and have 50 speed and an awful jump shot.

This isn’t Bol Bol, DBG on Twitter saying Mutombo is an “endgame” card, like bro, I DARE someone to use Mutombo in July of next year when we have an Earl Boykins with 99 block and 60+ Hall of Fame badges.

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Shoot with Dikembe LMAO. that’s like saying nail free throws with lebron james

You owe Kawhi, without him the Raptors would never win a championship EVER.

LMAO They gonna have to give Dikembe a good jump shot to use him. Hes always not that good for that lol

I mean never know we still have a chance in the future I think

You won the lottery by having an all timer, you should be thankful and appreciate him.

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I mean I know if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t of won. Same goes for the injuries though too and if he didn’t hit that shot against 76ers.
But ultimately the mastermind behind it all is Ujiri.

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Shoot with Mutombo… really hoped they get rid of this glitched crap

This drop will be op af. That’s what I was saving my 100k vc for… (to be even more disappointed when I won’t pull anything :joy:)

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Sixers Mutombo, fucking awesome

I wonder if he will be like Stockton with his dunking last year and come with shooting on all future versions for the year.

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