Glitched 2 πŸ‘Ž

Anyone else disappointed with this release? The evo cards are horrible IMO and there is no reward tied to evolving them as a group.

What about Jarrett Allen? He seems to be a great card by the numbers and is only an Amylest. Ray Allen also looks great but doubly anyone will be able to afford him without selling a kidney.

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Ty and few other YouTubers are saying he’s an excellent budget card.

my new backup is jarrett. running him over dikembe in almost every situation. the only budget card in my lineup

40k for an amethyst is not a budget option.

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Agree. Many diamonds are cheaper.

Broke down and got Jarrett Allen for 35k. He is really good. I have PD Sabonis and I am starting to think Bol and Allen may be better (or at least easier to use). I really wish one of them played PF (got Kemp from option pack and still not sure what the hype was about him).

Lol. Yeah Kemp isn’t game breaking or anything. But he’s solid all around. He can mash, he can shoot, he can move with or without the ball and he can defend to a degree. He’s quite like Larry Johnson who is a backup for Kemp for me. Both of them lose stamina rather quickly as well.

Is Allen worth it? 40k

Only used him offline so far, but he seems worth it. Best shot of any center released so far. Excellent defense with really good speed. Only problem is that his passing is not great and under 7 feet. However, great for this time of year.