Given Magic’s price what can we expect for Giannis/MJ?

Honestly thought it would be higher. Is it reasonable to say 350k for Giannis and 250k for Jordan?

Both 300k and above

Depends on stats/badges. If Giannis has a 70 3ball, he’ll be 250-300k. MJ will regardless be 300k+. Also depends on what other cards can matchup.

This might be the year I use

Magic / Sf / Sf / Pf / C

sf / sf / sf / pf / c

Its becomming prelevent that height and releases rule this year

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This is why granger is top tier. I can shoot everything either open or light contest with him and as long as it’s a good release, it’s droppung.

i think ill sell oscar and grab mike at back up 1

if they give him hof diff shot gg

I think the only guard i will be using is Tmac and Magic

Magic / Tmac / Kd / porzingas / X

Giannis / Granger / Lebron / Blake / X

Whoever the best bigs are will fill the X, most likely Hakeem, Shaq, or Kareem and a stretch at pf

Idk how cp3 will play but i might sell the other anniversary cards at this point

I’m gonna run 3 SF’s and 2 C’s Lmao

Giannis / Granger / KD / Shaq / Kareem fk it lmao


The galaxy opal Giannis has a 95 three, so it’s possible the pink diamond could have above a 70 because there is going to be a two ovr difference at the most, But the galaxy opal is also probably the hardest card in the game to get so I could be completely wrong

hell have at least a 73

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which with shoe amd coach 82 is more than enough with his release