Giveaway PD penny 10 mins 3000k mt PS4

Title Good luck eveyone probs the last I’ll do apart from some cheap diamond snipes


Missed out on the code so I could definitely use this. Props for doing a giveaway!

bitch lol jk

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Which thread? This one or the other one?

Other one got off topic from the giveaway so this one a guess up in 2 mins


1 min good luck everyone

Is it up

10 secs

missed it


Im turning ps4 on now

Never seen it

Did it refresh tho

I didn’t see it. But I seen a Ray Allen for 750 and got lucky on that.

Someone got it

I just assume i got the refresh just before it posted

Doesnt the auction house refresh every 15 ?

Damn I didn’t even see it up.

Sorry guys all I can do is put it up and hope