Giveaway - Opal Giannis and More, plus leftover MT

Hey guys,

Im gonna go on stream tonight and put up some opals for some of you that wanna join in and collect. It be great to give away to those that actually wanna use them before 2k20 comes out. Looking at going live in about 5 hours.

Doing this to help out guys but also a bit of exposure, i aint gonna lie. My twitch is

Ill be putting up.
Go Ak47
Bill russel

Plus i should have an excess of 100k mt which ill give to someone who would use it and isnt gonna sell it. This is my backup account so i wont be using it next cycle.

On launch day of 2k20 im going to do like 8-10 hour stream since in Australia we get it first. So if u want me to check anything or push me into the direction i should, let me know.


On launch day you streaming from midnight or early morning? Haha. Either way that’s commitment!

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Hell yeah! Can’t wait to stop by the stream!


Thanks @6thManSam been putting some effort in the background so im hoping it enjoyable :slight_smile:

@trala7 from the minute it comes out bro! Atleast u could see if you like it or not lol. I grind like this every year even tho i shouldny, so its basically just in front of a webcam this time lol.


Haha, all the best to you man. I’ll be fast asleep when it drops and won’t get on until after work Friday. But then I’ll likely be on most of the weekend, haha. Still feeling strongly like I won’t open myteam though! Gonna be a different year of 2k for me.

Thanks man, and stay strong. If theres any news or whatever, ill keep u informed like u did for me last year. Helped me alot lol

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@Mmblack1182 i’ll be sure to check out the opening day live stream! I’ll be one of those Aussies pulling an all-nighter i reckon


Awesome bro, we will try help each other out. Its still hard to know who to choose from day one, but i know my cheese plays off by heart :joy:


I usually watch Killzamoi from these early AUS/NZ birds, but gonna give the love to you this time :sweat_smile:

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Haha thanks man! He was my go to last year, ill be tuning into his aswell. I also have mates like raw and that who be doing it too! Gonna be a good few hours.

Gonna go live in 30 or so mins for those that want the cards :slight_smile:

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Cards about to go up in 5 mins boys. No more spam lol

Giannis going up for 25k


Is was ps4. Put giannis up for 15k and someone from here got him which im happy with


You got rid of the leftover MT?

Thanks for doing this @Mmblack1182

Still have the MT @Kobe6Rings.

@DEG glad to help fellow members bro :slight_smile: