Give up and go for Kobe?

Apologies for the long winded post - I can no longer play my team. It’s got to the point where this shit ain’t even enjoyable for me anymore, all I do currently is run tto online games as admittedly I’m not good enough to go 12-0 online and even trying to play it for fun is just boring with the endless cheese and off balling taking any competitive aspect away from it. I’m mainly an offline player in general (yep I actually enjoy domination) as it allows me to play with different cards throughout, practicing plays etc but since that the games become boring.

I’ve listed 90% of my collection and should have about 1.1m mt when it’s all done, plus a few players I’m keeping around incase I decide I need to play a few tto games just to eventually understand the reasons why I hate this game each time.

But I’m now debating when I have my mt stocked up, do I just smash it all on Kobe packs tomorrow and if I was to pack him go from there and if not then it’s my gateway to depart from my team?

Has anyone on here done a similar thing or anyone just quit in general?


Have you tried making a secondary/budget squad to trice an spice things up a bit ?

I’ve come to terms with the fact that almost none of my favorite players are useable this year. It’s all about having the tallest guys with the fastest release and best shooting stats. After realizing that however, I decided to just be smart with my MT and buy the players I love and just have fun with them. Mess around in TTO and offline games but completely avoid Unlimited. And so far, I’ve been having a lot of fun. And I will definitely be going after that Kobe. You probably should too if you love Kobe.


Yeah man, although tempted to try that again as another option, I would just run into the same opponents on mtu but I guess it’s an option to try just have more fun with the game

I know that feeling man. I used to invest so much time and money on the game that at the end of the day I felt ripped off. Admittedly I kept giving 2k my spare time and money so it’s my fault but recently I’ve just tried to develop themed rosters. I have PDs and Diamonds on my team but I’m running sapphire Lonzo ball at point. I even badged him up and gave him a diamond shoe. I’m no longer going for cards solely based on stats. It becomes a challenge in itself but it’s fun.

Oh, and another tip is to take breaks. I now only play every other day or so and I have found a lot more fun with that.

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Couldn’t have put it better myself, the meta has just taken over to the point where I think people generally don’t even have fun running those cards that have pretty much ruined the game but they just use them to try counter others doing it too. It’s really good to hear you’ve been having fun playing in other ways except online, have you completed dom? If so what’s it like playing through the schedule challenges etc? That would be my next go to I think if imma continue playing it so would you recommend it if that’s what you’ve been doing? I deffo like your thoughts though on it as it sounds like the way my team should be, running the players you love, not that 2k bs

Yeah same I’ve put a lot of time into the game but it feels more than that too, when you don’t have much free time to play but grinding those hours when you do it takes away from other enjoyments. Are you an online or offline player? I like the theme team idea so could give that a run and yeah the breaks are a good idea, not taking it as seriously is somethings that’s needed as you can get caught up in the bs, but thanks man

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You can use lower OVR lineups and if you have a short bench you usually get matched up with comparable squads. So there is much less cheesing in terms of stuff like contested threes.

You’ll still get matched with a god squad now and then but that is the exception and if you play to have fun instead of to go 12-0 then it’s no big deal to run into that now and then. And you can always quit out.


I’m a full on online player. I actually spend a good amount of time in freelance mode testing out certain players and pulling out new animations though. I just try to get really good at a certain player and try to go for personal goals. I’m having a lot of fun with Lonzo Kuz Lebron Shaq on my lakers squad.

I’m having a lot of fun with offline. Schedules and Weeklies are enjoyable and Moments Challenges are always a treat. I usually try to do something extra to make it more fun/challenging like running everything through one player of using a historic squad (96’ Bulls).

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Yeah I did try this, just annoying when you get matched against people with god squads who have used the bronze overall glitch so I think I managed to get like 4-0 before that happened but might be able to get lucky towards the end of the month so shortly as I guess that’s when the not as good people will be going for Hakeem

I like that idea and what you do, given me a few ideas to put together some nice teams to try play for fun, I might go all out with a massive pack opening tomorrow for Kobe and then if I get lucky (won’t happen) work with him in a lakers theme team like you run!

Good to hear, I’ve been disappointed with the moments challenges this year especially compared to the last few years when I was a budget baller they were fun to play and always worthy rewards, but I might just put together a team of players I can have fun with and run them in schedule challenges which would keep me going for a while. Tempted to blow most the mt on Kobe packs, but probably wouldn’t even get him lmao

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But I think the main point to take from a 5 Sapphire / 2 Emerald / 6 Bronze team getting matched up with a 2 PD, 3 DI, and 8 Bronze team is that it’s less about their 8 Bronze Bench “trick” getting that team down to a similar matchmaking bracket, and more about 2K expanding the latitude of matchmaking to bust a streak.

I hit that team after going 4-0. And I also got the match in only ~5 seconds.


I cant lie, after so many kobe threads and about 6 weeks of wrong predictions in to regards when hes coming. I could not care less about this damn kobe bryant lmaoooo


PD Durant , Melo , and T-Mac should outclass him.

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Exact same for me I play a ton of TTO not much mtu

Yeah I’m feeling the same tbf which is why I’m making him my go for broke lmao, if I packed him then I go from there but if not it’s a possible bye to myteam

Do it up man! Keep me updated on that Lakers or themed team. And to keep things exciting what I also do is do 2 themed teams in one roster. So I’ll do a Lakers theme for my starting 5 and then a gsw or a Chicago theme off the bench. That way I really don’t get bored. Plus it helps me play more players. They may not be the most OP cards but hell it’s fun!

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Can confirm using a lower overall squad helps. Finished my Hakeem run today running a 72 ovr squad. 5 PDs, Toni Kukoc (for injuries) and the rest high bronze. 72 ovr is the sweet spot you’ll catch Ruby/Amy level teams at best usually. Everyone’s got the same idea running the lowest overall possible so you’ll run into a sweater eventually. Trust me you can go 12-0 brother

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