Give the man his respect

I said it before n I’ll say it again ain’t nobody around here hanging wit my boy @Luckershot he’s a quiet guy n don’t look for a lot of attention but he just absolutely beat the brakes off the 250k champion. He’s by far the most slept on top comp player in the community n I just wanted to take a second to give the homie some recognition!!!


Who won the 250k again? Skip? I remember TurnUp was the runner up.

Yeah skip

What system does @Luckershot play on?


I’d like to see him and @Ronsivalle run one.

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I’d be down after Wednesday and i’d really want too! However since we are in different servers, it may be laggy

That would be awesome. I wish we had more forum games streamed. I really enjoy watching the best players duke it out.


I play every couple days n it no fun he’s tuff

@Luckershot is a great player, definately slept on. everyone in the comp had a weakness and it shows that the servers cost some of these players in the tornament.


And he’s just a nice guy. Every interaction I’ve had with @Luckershot has been positive.


it was on twitch? i want to see the match

It was played in the my team ranker tourney search my team ranker on Twitter n look at the page there’s prolly a link to the game there

Haha Mug thanks for this thread. Didn’t expect it. Much love as always bro and everyone else showing love in here. I haven’t been playing the game as much lately except for tourny games but i’ll be back to being active on these forums in 2k20.


@Luckershot Good shit bro always tuff playing the 250k champ but whooping his ass is a whole diff thing. I look forward to our upcoming match let’s set it for this weekend

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35 points omg lmaooo @Luckershot