Give me some budget beasts

Haven’t played since season 1- looking for some cheap ruby, amethyst level cards to fill out my lineup. Gimme some names!

  1. Ruby Smart
  2. Ruby Wang
  3. Saphire Issac
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Ruby Eric snow
Ruby kevin huerter can shoot
Ruby wang

I second Issac

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Diamond Hal Greer is also amazing and could be had for 10-12k

Definitly get a Marcus Smart. I’ll use my future HOF badges on him, he is awesome.

Diamond :gem: Sam Jones is pretty good for about 20k MT, probably the best SG for that price , 2 way player…Amy Glen Rice as well , I HV about 2 mil MT squad and I still have Glen at the end of my bench, for me he’s still the best pure catch and shoot specialist in this game, and he’s not awful on D like a guy like Korver for example

Get Draymond throughout the week or next weekend when his price is the lowest - used him in limited and man that card is a demon, does everything you want - actually rebounds for his size, defensively can move and hold his own in the post.

Matisse Thybulle
Alex Caruso
Mikal Bridges
Eddy Jones

All top tier 3 and D players, looked for badged up versions of cars should be a priority imo

And obviously Jonathan Isaac, that card is flat out a Pink Diamond - cant fault it

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