Gilbert just dropped 122

Title says it all. Gilbert just dropped 122 points on an all Pink Diamond starting lineup in an unlimited game. Played the full game and shot 40/58 from deep. Magic Johnson had 33 assists. I’d upload a picture but I don’t know how. He’s the truth :man_shrugging:

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Haha one time I scored 153 with mine. Card is so fun to use. Glad your enjoying him.

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10-0, playing GO Chris Paul. Never felt this hot in my life. Bouta eat

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the limited one?


i was thinking about getting him, his dia is so much fun already and how ppl talk about him, i get the feeling he is like last years ami isaiah thomas + dunking

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Today I postered magic so bad with gil that he lay down for a few seconds while his life flashed before him :joy: gil is damn fun

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Best shooter I’ve ever played 2k with

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Actually best player I’ve ever played with in 2k

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but… when you take him online. can he hold his own on the def side? i mean against magic, giannis and whatever ppl play as their 1

Yes as long as his matchup isn’t huge

Just choked infinitely hard. Back to the grind

damnnnnn i was looking for a fun card and i think gil might be it

now i will have to sell those 1250 cards back to get MT
@LuckyKid loan me 300k!


That sucks really bad lol

Hahaha been short on MT too bro davis and kobe will make me broke.

rule 1 for me is to never come here and post about your run before its finished lol it bit me in the ass before


yeah Gilbert is for me the best card against weak or average opponent who can’t take advantage of his height. Fuking amazing scorer and so fun to use.

I think is gonna be the best 6.3 of the game with this release and his ability to dunk the ball

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Do you guys think he will go up in price ? look like is limited version is being rare, only 4 on the xbox market

i hate to break it to ppl but there is like no difference between the limited / unlimited. Ive played with both over 20 games each