Gilbert arenas

I want to get the limited one. How much would it cost me?

Wait till the 3rd day

Slide that pd curry this way and ill let u know :wink:


I still find it crazy ppl use Curry for his fast release and hof limitless but now we got SF’s that have a faster release and can shoot just as far as well as being taller

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My curry is the best card in the game


just get the regular one, this is with Pd MJ guarding him too


How much is the limited one going for now on ps4

I grabbed the limited one for 400k with 99 contracts and shoe, there was a bunch all ending at same time so I kinda lucked out with that price on first night. I’ve seen it vary between 400-600k. (Xbox)

Last I saw it was around 470k might be lower now

I was mad i missed any shots lol. Regular pd one

Just sniped a ltd one. added pink adidas shell toes. 93 post fade, 93 passing vision, 90 stl, 99 swb

Xbox or PS4??

Xbox. there were a ton within like 10mins and then that shit dried up. mad weird

GO Chris Paul would like a word.

pauls jumper isnt even close to as quick as arenas, and im only comparing ruby to ruby so idk if his GO has a better release

that arenas needs practice but can be deadly no matter the tier, its sooo quick

yea im using pd gil now and hes got a quick trigger. faster than most guys