Gifting a 100k MT on PS4

I’ve been pretty lucky with packs this year and I want to bless someone in the community here at 2KGamer. I really enjoying reading other people’s struggles, advice, and accomplishments.

This mode can take a toll on you if you let it. I’m gonna try my best to stay away from 2K19 if it’s the same trashy ass gameplay. Either somethings need to be removed, or other things need to be fixed. If 5 out is still in then bring back 1-2-1 zone that was removed for being OP.

Anyway…back on track…I want to give this MT to a person that it will make a huge difference for. Post your CURRENT roster and what you plan on doing with the MT. Please, be honest about your teams rosters.

I’ll pick a random winner later on today. Good luck!!


You should give it to a sub-glitcher like Ronnie would


I want to make the community better, not worse! You guys can also chime in on you you all think is deserving and why…hell…or why not.

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I like your intentions and it’s a nice thing to do.

Unfortunately though it’ll be pretty hard to pick who’s being truthful. I feel you are about to get spammed with a bunch of dodgy all-bronze rosters. Hopefully not though!

Check out some of the recent lineups or threads that people have posted under lineups category. Anything prior to today should help and be more trustworthy.


^^ great thinking!

Maybe this guy…


I want to replace my amy Tatum with diamond Kawhi

Hi, I posted my line up below. With the 100K I would replace my amethyst ralph sampson with a player such as Diamond Karl Anthony Towns, Joel Embiid or a player like PD Anthony Davis. I really would appreciate it because i struggle a lot on getting defensive rebounds even with ralph. Im not sure if i just suck at it but ralph is a decent rebounder while on the other hand demarcus is horrible. Its very stressing for me when the opponent gets 3 offensive rebounds in a row then ending up getting a open 3 point shot because of it. With yohr 100K i will put it to use and make sure I hit PD for the season to get PD Vince Carter. Even if i dont get chosen i appreciate what you’re doing for the 2K community. Thank you!

2k will still ban you if they think you gave away mt/ ( they’ll assume you sold it) just fyi

my team is pretty much current budget cards and personal favourites like ariza and worthy. with the 100k, i’d aim to get PD anthony davis.

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Ask for a screenshot, users should pm u and check how much mt and vc they already have, then donate :slight_smile:

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MT can be hidden. You just bid on things you know you’ll get outbid on. You can make 1mill MT look like 50K.


This is my current lineup, I got lucky and got the diamond magic and used that MT to get harden yesterday during the crash. With the MT I would upgrade Wall to diamond as he’s my favorite player IRL and probably get diamond Klay or Kawhi

Just wanna say 2 people who posted here have sold at least half a million MT. @daruler022

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Welp! :man_shrugging:

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These are my 09-10 Rockets for the Historic Tourney. I have been looking for 100k for a few days, but dont have paypal. I honestly just want to put some simple gold badges and shoes on guys. I have 5kMT rn.

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You wouldn’t go the pd?

I’ve heard the diamond with kyries is just as good

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Do you have any other suggestions for my team? I just got Diamond Mitchell as my backup 2 guard