Giannis Watch

Let the games begin :sunglasses:

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What Kyrie and KD said and left their teams seems the same for Giannis :sob:


Him on the heat would be something else. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Honestly, I don’t think he’ll ever win a championship on the Bucks.

Their GM is awful. And I’m not feeling Coach Bud.

Better to control his own destiny. Even if it isn’t on the Warriors per se.


Idk I still have the feeling that he will stay on the Bucks for a few more years and try to chase a third star to pair with him. If that goes wrong he might as well leave during FA.

You realise that gsw obtaining giannis is almost impossible with their cap space right ?

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It’s not.

Wiggins cap space…

They have to trade Klay or Curry to get Giannis no way else bucks would not be smart to take Wiggins and draft picks for Giannis.

I would actually be surprised if he left. I think Milwaukee really gives him the best chance to win and will be his best legacy.

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Giannis ain’t staying with bucks if he generally wants to win a championship.

Why? It’s clearly his team, he has pieces around him, he was the one who didn’t really perform his best when it counted. I think Bud is a great coach but has been out dueled these playoffs. I don’t see what’s bad about Milwaukee.

Bud needs to be fired

So does the GM.


And how tf is the warriors going to pay giannis ,curry ,klay ,draymond ,Wiggins , the rest of the bench players unless giannis take 100mil pay cut it’s not going to happen and giannis has already said he’s staying with the bucks for long term

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I could see Giannis staying rather than joining them honestly


That would be a short sighted move imo. I have all the respect for Bud after he took a terribly shitty Atlanta team to the 2nd rd of the playoffs multiple times. Who should replace Bud? Who’s out there?

When they didn’t keep Malcolm brogdon and kept Bledsoe they should of fired the GM.

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What am I missing? Do you see the team around Giannis? It fits him perfectly.

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I think Giannis will stay because of how he’s built mentally. I think it will be a massive mistake for his career.

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I think the Heat are built for Giannis better than the bucks are.