Giannis w/ Kobe grinches @ C is a spectacle to behold

I stumbled upon this realization & there’s no turning back. Giannis w/ 99 speed & accel playing C running the fast break with his handles and having 4 snipers just being cones is just unfair lol. Bucks playbook and you don’t even need to call a single play.

I cannot believe it took me over 5 years for my boomer self to stop running a traditional motion offense to and to dump traditional centers for this behemoth.

Speed kills.


Yea 2k19 had me running opal giannis at centre every game. He was a demon there.


That 2k19 collector giannis was dif

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Lol and people say your a cheater if you used to use giannis at pg lmao he’s even better at center now such a good card

His animations are broken af.

I remember last year PD Giannis. I started later in the cycle and was destroyed every time i faced him.

I always hated Giannis in 2k because is almost imposible to guard. He doesn’t match with any other card in the game

true. even giannis can’t guard giannis

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Giannis and Simmons are the top 2 bigs that move the best

I think PD Giannis is the most valuable card in the game rn. He’s a cheatcode, it’s stupid. Only compared to Lebron IMO


and crazy how cheap (relatively) he is rn. ppl are shying away from this card due to his low 3s. but who need 3s if you can dunk all day with him


Who is the better pf to partner with giannis at C? Zion maybe?

I use simmons at 4 with white mamba off the on next gen btw

Yeah man absolutely. I was laughing my ass off when i saw this clip


What’s Giannis looking like at 4 if surrounded by shooters? (Boogie at the 5)

The point is to get the fastest & quickest player in the game & to exploit the slowest position in basketball, the center.

It would be OK, but just isn’t the same as crossing and shredding BIGS 1 on 1 on fast breaks with giannis. You literally cannot guard this unless you zone up & or press and force turnovers with crazy good rotations

Is he able to shoot though?
If I get him I would like to keep Boogie though. He’s giving me a crazy amount of points each game.

So maybe switch Boogie at the 4…? but then I have AK at the 4 lol

Im having the same problem. AK is very good at the 4 for me and I might end up benching boogie

I already have a problem at the 4 since I am putting Zion at the 3 to keep AK at the 4 lol

so now gives me a problem at the 5 lol but with my 5 out, I get Boogie to shoot a good amount

Giannis without unpluckable is still a liability for me against players that are good on the sticks, especially if he’s your primary ball handler.

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To add up, I have Antawn joining the team soon. Is he good though? I played against him and he has a wierd shot, but idk

He’s a demon in the lanes

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