Giannis Set an End-Game Lineup?

I sold my team for personal reasons and have 600k and I’m contemplating doing this set for Giannis. Should I?

Lmao sold them for personal reasons ? They frustrate you?

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Only good cards are Giannis jimmy buckets and embiid

Jimmy b is a dog he has good handles and shooting and hof d stopper

Kids is underrated. He’s 6’4” so he’s not terribly small, good all around offense, elite facilitator and excellent on-ball defender. Just like any other true PG, you need to switch him off LeBron or Giannis if they are at PG but he can guard most SG’s like Vince, Harden, even Jordan.


I sold off a ton of players today (diamond magic, diamond Bird, diamond ak47, diamond Cousy, diamond Dwight, amythest sabonis, amythest PG13) just to get enough to do the set . Only missing a butler, Ingram and Robinson.

Might as well get the cards you will enjoy most now .