Giannis or Simmons: Any advices?

I have a god squad which is complete from months. (Inc. PD Magic, Bird and D Hakeem)
This three + 98KD and Kobe is my base, rest of the players I rotate because-as we can find a lot interesting cards now for cheap-i like to try new players.

My last goal is to find a last ingredient, a huge banger, a slasher…a MONSTER!

So I wondering:
Should I suppose close a"Evolution" ,for obvious reason,or wait for Ben Simmons card,which could be crazy,when you see what 2k do now with all PD cards.
I don’t like locking sets(except Hakeem🤣),
but PD Giannis is only card in SM which really kills…so it’s tempting…

What’s Your’s advice?
Which card will be better?

or maybe wait for Diamond Giannis?

Thanks for any advices👍

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We won’t get a diamond Giannis. PD is it.

Red kyrie’s or white curry’s are better for him?

He can only wear Nikes.

Yeah, true.