Giannis or Lebron at the 4?

Neither can shoot, but I want a guy who can run the fast break and finish. Also needs to be able to hold his own in the post on D and get boards. Leaning towards Giannis…had lebron at the 3 and was unimpressed.

Giannis all day. Height matters

Edit: And length… for real those long ass arms help him contest and finish beyond what his attributes say. Badge him up a bit and he will make the wide open catch and shoot shots for people who leave him alone


I would put giannis or kd if that was my playstyle though, lebron probably wouldn’t fare as well.

I’ve seen people hit open 3’s with Giannis and it blows my mind with his stats. Badges will give him that? Can I badge up my MJ to hit an open 3?

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Yes, catch and shoot especially, but also deep range deadeye, difficult shots when triggered basically give an automatic shot