Giannis or Diaw?

I’m seeing a lot of people saying Diaw is the better overall option. Is this true?

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For the price tag yeah but doesn’t Giannis always have glitchy animations

Which giannis? If amy then diaw but diam giannis.

imo Badged Out Diaw > Diamond Giannis
idk depends on how you play


Diamond Giannis

I like giannis more

Giannis by FAR

Giannis prob watched Ty and he cooked with him Giannis is always Giannis in 2k

I have diamond Giannis and had Diaw but never badged him out. My giannis is fully badged with HOF heart crusher but i always feel like he’s too slow and definitely inconsistent when he’s open for a 3. So I’m wondering if it would be wise to sell this Giannis and grab Boris

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I wanted to try diaw at PF but it doesn’t look like he can dunk to well :frowning:

Aight bet. Yeah i just needed some advice from those who’ve played with both fully badged. I run as my back up PF and i know Diaw isn’t touching that card so this was all good to know

Giannis >

Bro just work the ah for diaw. I found my diaw on a 10k bid with gold range and clamps and nobody was bidding except for me. got the card for 10k. It’s definitely worth it


PS4 btw

I’ll definitely keep a lookout bro

Diamond Giannis and it isn’t close.
Only issue is he has the same problem as diamond durant, their speed feels capped.

in terms of the cards themselves yes definitely giannis. But valuewise its not even close, Giannis is like 100k-150k-ish rn and diaw is 9k bin. Just looking at for the NMS people out there

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Giannis going to lose value in the next few weeks? I’ve been bashing him up but may sell tomorrow? I got him for 100K.

I have Diaw as well.

Giannis never loses value. He’s the most steady card in 2k investment wise outside of Tmac

That’s why I’m badging him up and using him for a while. His defense and animations are crazy.