Giannis low key best defender in the game?

I basically tried every clamp god except AK47. To me its clear giannis is the best defender. Thoughts?

Tall. Wingspan. Defensive stopper.

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High key more like

Size matters in 2K. He swats everything even with a pretty mediocre 78 rating.

He can run with guards and 7 footers can’t shoot over him.

Pippen better from my experience. I have way more trouble scoring on him than Giannis.

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He might not stay in front of everyone, but he has the speed and length to recover.

I have gotten some absolutely NASTY chase down blocks with him after a blowby

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This is 2K19 don’t use that word :shushing_face:

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I think AK is slightly better because of his strength, but it’s close. You can blowby giannis a bit easier, but he can recover better and swat with his length. With AK you can prevent blowbys like it’s your job, but he can’t recover on mistakes like Giannis can.


Has been beaten off the dribble by a defender, in a fashion that looks like wind has been blown

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Not against stronger guys in the post. His height helps a little, but he can get bullied around all the same.


Galaxy Opal Wilt best defender in the game


Looking at his stats and height. I would have to agree lol, never used him tho.

AK and Duncan are up there

From what ive seen hakeem is up there for sure with the likes of everyone already mentioned

He volleyball blocs shyt

Yeah he was fuckin up my gasol

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Imagine the opal one with HOD defensive stopper and dimer -.-

PD Jordan on the perimeter.

PD Jordan’s strength makes him like a 6’6” Stockton. Gets backed down like a rag doll, and can’t post up for shit. GO CP3 is a better defender than PD MJ.

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Post def questionable but i had tons of success posting up with MJ. I loved his post fade