Giannis is the best card in 2k history, change my mind

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You played a scrub

He isn’t


We should play.


Glad you posted this…because I grinded it out to get a Ant early on…but before I did, I checked out his numbers and compared him to my starting SF - Grant Hill - and if you look at the WKCentral comparison - MANY stats dominate Ants…I mean, not suppose to be as good an outside shooter, not as fast, not as good a passer, worse on defense…so why start him?

BUT I DID - and HOLY SHIT-GLITCH - the Greek freaks me out. He does it all well. He is fast, shoots 3’s well…I green him all the time…good on D, grabs boards. A MONSTER.

I don’t get it. I keep waiting for an update to make this guy average and break my heart…but for now - he is the GOAT in the game…for now. I just shiver to think if I can climb to get his Onyx…like how can it be better!?

The all 99 MJ last year is technically the best card still

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Nah the all 99 Lebron was way better


All 98 Scottie was goat

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Tips on how to use him? I just pulled him.

hold turbo, get to rim, dunk

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Lol you must be new to 2k.

Yeah I think all 99 lebron was the best card I’ve ever used. He did everything Giannis does, and he was able to hit super deep snatchback threes.

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PD Giannis from last year?

What about giannis last year. He had even better stats.

I don’t know why but last year that all 99 LeBron didn’t feel as good as the first Diamond LeBron from him being named all star captain.


Idk if I’d agree with that 100%, but I had the ASW LeBron as well, with ball control/swb/3pt shoes. He was better on paper than every LeBron besides the god one. Some would take the normal PD over him as well, but I found the advantages in these stats to be more worth it

It’s probably just confirmation bias, but I had both PD versions of LeBron and MJ last year, and in a lot of ways, the original PD’s felt better than the “All 99” ones. I dunno, maybe they just didn’t play as well as I expected cards with those stats and 27 HoF badges to. /shrug

I think it’s mainly bc the players out when the god versions were released were better in general so the difference wasn’t as noticeable.

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Yeah, you’re probably right. Magic/Pippen/Kawhi with duos were pretty much god cards too.

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I might agree with your statement… image

It will have a lot to do with who the defenders are as well, the 99 lbj and mj had to face teams of all other PDs due to the time of year…at the moment there are only a few lock down cards