Giannis headbutts mo wagner

That’s not a headbutt, that was a sign of dominance

Hell yeah.


he’s a BUCK that’s what they do

and that was a blocking foul.

and i’m good with the ejection but i like the toughness from giannis


Sorry to stop you @ND13

But this topic has been discussed in the game thread for August 11th

But I’ll give you a like

Total bonehead move, but man, I love Giannis for this.

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Took A head butt from their star player, then lost the game.


Why was Giannis so irritated? Because a guy boxed him out on one end, and then tried to take a charge on the other?

Whether it was a block or a charge is something to debate the officials about, not assault the opposing player for.


Give 5 years and people won’t like him anymore, he has fake persona ala KD written all over him.



Exactly bro he one of my favorite players but he been too aggressive since the bubble he fights every game

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Yea I had the same thing happen to me in pickup, minus the charge/ flop (no one does this in pickup). A guy took offense to me boxing him out. I was defending the guy and he dove hard to the rim for an O-Reb, and I gave him a pretty fundamentally sound box out, which he then proceeded to denounce like, “Dude you are all sweaty, ewwwww,” and I was like “Ok stay out there and we will not have any physical contact. Come in here (inside the paint), and if you think I am just gonna give you the green light to do as you please then you got another thing coming.” So yea it was just annoying. Every time I go in for an O reb I either get boxed out hard and/or hacked to shit if I do manage to grab the O-reb. So yea complaining about being boxed out (especially when crashing the O glass) is just chump to me.

So yea I am with you about the KD thing. MJ was sort of like this too. Like if anyone defended him close or hard, he took offense, threw elbows and threw a tantrum. Sure MJ is GOAT fine, but he was also a master manipulator (especially of officials).

Lol the video got taken down but Wagner did a dirty hit on Giannis

You must missed this, not just bubble.

“insert: you hate Giannis, because he chops your Boi Harden talk in there” :cowboy_hat_face:

Them Greek boys don’t play

I got robbed for 800 dollars at a strip club in Athens back in 2007.

The Greeks and I are not friends


Steroids side effects.

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How did it happen bro? damn

A Greek guy almost bit my finger off.

Sup, I’m part Greek… Its not a cultural thing they took my money as well

Pick up can be so annoying when people that never played organized ball or don’t even have the slightest clue at all want to tell you how to play or are too stubborn to acknowledge that they don’t know shit about ball.