Giannis dribble animation(back court/front court)

I have been use Giannis for a long time. He’s one of the best back court slasher in the game. Especially the cheesy behind the back and quick crossover. The problem is, his dribble animation becomes weak once he passed the half court. Anyone knows how to dribble with him once he passed the half court? I’m a TTO fan. Worthy/PG13/KD is my favorite iso player in the game so far, cuz they both good at back court and front court dribbling.

He’s a below average half court dribbler he’s a tier 1 guy for sure
If you want someone to dribble with and break defenders in half court you’ll have to use someone else

If Giannis was an elite half court dribbler he’d literally be unguardable lol

True. He’s definitely a Tier 1 dribbler.

Use Worthy/Giannis/any big. Puts the ball in Worthy’s hands and you can push the break with Giannis