Giannis Chase: HE'S HERE


Update 5/17: I’m doing it
Update 5/18: I did it.

I had written Giannis off when the heat check packs left the market, but this locker code has given me a little hope. But I’d like to hear from you guys before I get myself into something stupid.

Here are the details:

In Collection: 2002 cards
MT Balance: ~3,100,000

Remaining Cards

Current Lineup

Just Got PD Webber (Collector Level Help) The Chase for Giannis!

I think it’s pretty expensive bro.
Specially the Heat checks.
Hard Decision, I would say no.
Although he is the best card in the game.
MVP Giannis if he wins, will be out in June


There will be GOs dropping like mad over the next 2-3 weeks.


Yea you guys are probably right. I think I might just sell back everything (besides what I play with obviously)

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if you can do it in a week just go for it. you can sell everything back and have MT for the rest.of the year

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Giannis won mvp so there will be another GO next month


Sell while you can get value!!!


Not sure u have enough, but Giannis is a good card :slight_smile:


why do ppl say MVP Giannis is coming out… if he is comparable to the one you can get for free, i take the free/grindy one instead of blasting a mil of mt. especially with the market in its current form. getting him gets cheaper and cheaper

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If you grind Schedule Challenges you can cut down on how many cards you. Then the market is gonna crash this weekend with a promo drop. HC cards are the only ones that could cost you, but if you take your time you’ll get good prices. I say go for him this weekend and if you don’t get close enough…sell off during the week and next weekend.

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Gonna be very expensive with all those heatchecks left to get. I locked in all the heatchecks in December and it still cost me over 3 million for the last 75 cards


I can’t wait to use that Opal MVP Giannis.


Heat check asap… since the code wasnout… buy all them asap… don’t lock in the set for the tokens, buy the moments and tbe… you can do this in a day my friend… get yourself the freak and then sell back… wait till after whatever we get tomorrow tho incase it’s fire but I would just go all in if I were you then sell back over the weekend


The game feels boring once you get him. Oh the irony.

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I disagree with that. I haven’t been bored since getting him and running him at the 1


I did some math and not sure if I’ll have enough. like 1/4 of my remaining heat checks are expensive ones.

I could potentially sell GO Kawhi, GO PG13, and GO MJ but i’d hate to be in a position where I do that and don’t get Giannis and have to grind to sell it all back to pick those cards back up.


Yea buts kinda lame bro.

Cheese play may make you happy and I respect it. To each their own.


Yea you really have to go all in for Giannis or else you won’t make it…I was in myteam limbo for about a month after I sold my whole team to go after him and just kept grinding schedules and picking up cheap cards along the way. But I think it’s worth it…his MVP card won’t be anywhere near all 99s


Not really cheese play, but crushing majority of the people I play by 25+ points is pretty fun to me :man_shrugging:t4:


Update 3,050,000 MT and 2080 cards. I probably have about 2 mil extra if I sell all consumables and high end cards.

Im really thinking about going all in tomorrow morning.

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