Giannis blocking The Process over and over and over

Good lawd young man…



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Say it with me: M V P


I concur

Harden is amazing but Giannis is the real MVP

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And yet the only reason they actually won was defensive lapses on George Hill down the stretch. Highlights are not the actual game, let’s pull video of Giannis passing nearly every time Embiid was guarding him or airballing a 3.

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Seriously. When Embiid was near him fans in the stands looked more assertive than Giannis

And I’m gonna edit in that I’m fully aware of what Giannis did, but man on man with Embiid Giannis didn’t just demolish him

Giannis played a great game, but Embiid played really solid defense on him. Giannis was abusing Ben, though. Embiid is one of the best perimeter guarding true Centers I’ve ever seen.


If Giannis and Luka don’t get the MVP and the ROTY it will be pure America(ns) first xeno bullshit

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I’ve never seen anyone vote based on national origin, we even gave 2 MVPs to Canadian Steve Nash.


I don’t know buddy… maybe it’s only a feeling i get watching ESPN and the so called experts but i often see people downgrading and disrespecting international players.

Since 1993, Hakeem, Duncan, Nash, and Nowitzki have won 6 MVPs.


Sorry but you can’t put Hakeem and Duncan on that list.

Olajuwon got the MVP title 1994, by that time he was already a US citizen and had accepted to play fot the US national team.

And Timmy is from the Virgin Islands wich are part of the USA… played for the US national team as well.

The NBA is clearly in favor of international players. Racism in the NBA isn’t the law. They know how to expand their business.

If Luka and Giannis are not getting the ROTY and MVP is because there is competition. Young and Harden are playing like gods too.

You can dispute Duncan, maybe, but I don’t see how you can dispute Hakeem. Please name an international player who didn’t win MVP that deserved it.


That’s a good question. The guy who got cheated off the top of my head was Barkley in 1989. That was American for American(Magic)

Generally, writers have discriminated against guys who were just plain jerks, guys who were not media-friendly at all. Writers have also voted for their own guys, or voted regionally. But that has been cleaned up with greater transparency.

There has very little discrimination against international players. It’s bad business, and Stern/Silver are savvy lawyers.

Worst discrimination and fallout, imo, was Rondo’s light punishment for homophobically berating Bill (forget his last name), the referee

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I’m not saying that someone was robbed in the past. I’m even not talking about the NBA but the mainstream media and the players.

Let me be be very clear, there is no way Trae Young had a better season than Luka Doncic, by any parameter. It’s a “of the Year” award and not “since the ASB”. Yet you have players tweeting Trae ROTY whenever he farts and experts who can’t even pronounce “Doncic” speking about a head to head race. Guys there is no race… without taking anything away from Young who’s certainly a good player with a bright future… but that european kid is balling since day one.

Giannis vs Harden can be discussed if the Rockets make it to the 2nd seed in the west.

They’re both young men

Trae and Luka are forever linked, and the Mavs waning has happened while Trae has surged. I’m not saying Trae deserves ROTY, but that’s the reason for the “debate”. I’ve seen deserving MVPs lose (Kobe to Nash, Garnett to Kobe when they made up for it, MJ to Karl Malone when they were sick of voting for MJ), but I’ve never seen any evidence of international bias. Harden is having an historic season, though it seems a lock Giannis will win.

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Too bad harden deserves and is winning mvp